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Ancient Rome Vector Map 1


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Ancient Rome Vector Map
Ancient Rome Vector MapDisplay a detailed view of Rome in year 100 or the true Seven Hills of Romulus.The map consists of 40 layers or planes which surimposing order,names, fonts and colors can be changed according to User's choice.2.5 meters to 62 meters contour linesthe Tiber and small riversthe 7 prehistoric villagesroadssquaresprivate buildingspublic buildings with tiled roofsthe Servian Wallgarden and woodsLatin labels for the monumentsLatin labels for the hills and the districtsTitle blocks in English and FrenchE-mail shippingYou will receive, after payment, a download link valid for 24 hours with login and password.Physical shippingYou will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the Ancient Rome Vector Map by post. Shipping costs are 20 euros for all countries.
Windows, Macintosh, Windows 98, Windows XP, Mac OS X
Ancient Rome Vector Map
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Author: Euratlas Nussli
License: Shareware
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